Solving Problems With Affordable IT

End to end IT solutions. At Qual-Tek, a leading provider of IT security, IT project management and IT development, we understand business and IT needs. We securely provide end to end IT solutions from conception to implementation. Our deep insight into business needs, our extensive experience in sensitive data and enterprise process and environments and our ability to bridge those into technology enable us to help clients achieve their business goals safely, securely and quickly. 

Simply Put

20 years in IT has installed what is important to our clients. Extensive understanding of IT allows us to business needs from cost reduction to regulatory compliance. We also understand that businesses have budgets, and we aim to provide exceptional service at a fair price.

Projects and Solutions

End-to-End IT solutions. You can send us your project or bring us in to help. We provide:

Project Management
Custom Hardware Solutions

People and Placement

Technology alone does not offer a competitive advantage. Differentiation depends on how well the people understand the processes. Translating the communication between the business world and IT world is one place where Qual-Tek adds value. Our people not only understand the expected technical skills, but also the application into your business as well as other related technologies and administrations.


Qual-Tek differentiate them self from other training providers by customizing the learning processes. We use our understanding of both small and large business to teach technology to fit in your environment. From projects management, development, and security and compliance we specialize our training to your specific needs.

Join the Team

At Qual-Tek both the client and the consultant are very important. Our client partners have an edge when our staff of people who understand the landscape of technology and how it blends into the business and compliance landscape. Every connection for our staff is an opportunity to learn connected technologies that are custom to our client’s needs.


Entry Monitoring

  • Track activity at entry ways
  • Log Report and build reports

Password Rotation

  • Meet Compliance need for rotation
  • Lockdown access to sensitive data
  • Simplify credential changes
  • Audit credential rotation

Port Security

  • Monitor approved and non-approved ports
  • Collect non-compliant port usage data
  • Immediately shut down non-allowed port activity

Secure Chat

  • Connect securely to your clients
  • Decrees sensitive information needed to initiate communication
  • Log all chat communication
  • Allow one or more customer support representatives

Simple Provisioning

  • More secure provisioning practices
  • Log and audit all provisioning requests
  • Simple Role based Provisioning Models
  • Simplify On/Off boarding
  • Supports 3rd party connectors

Access Certification

  • Track user access changes
  • Audit access approval
  • Work directly with compliance and audit


  • Quickly bring on new workers with the correct access and resources.

Corporate Headquarters

12235 York Road Suite G
North Royalton, OH 44133
(888) 730-4918